Balsamodendron opobalsamum Kunth.

Synonym Commiphora opobalsamum (L.) Engl.

Family Burseraceae.

Habitat Found in countries on both sides of Red Sea.

English Balsam tree, Balsam of Mecca, Balsam of Gilead.

Unani Balsaan, Roghan-e-Balsaan (oil), Hab-e-Balsaan (fruit). Ood-eBalsaan (wood).

Action Used in diseases of the urinary tract. Balsams are diuretic and stimulate mucous tissues in

small doses (nauseatic and purgative in large doses).

In Unani medicine, the fruit is used as an expectorant and emmenagogue, also for neurological affections. The wood is also used as an ingredient in compounds for epilepsy and other nervine disorders. The oil is used externally for its anti-inflammatory and revitalizing properties.

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