Dactyloctenium aegyptium

Synonym Eleusine aegyptiaca Desf.

Family Gram ineae, Poaceae.

Habitat Common throughout the plains of India (a very variable grass).

Ayurvedic Takraa, Takraahvaa, Panchaanguli, Nrityakaundaka. (Classical synonyms.) (Takra is the classical name of buttermilk.)

Folk Makaraa, Makari (Bihar, Orissa), Timidaa (Tamil Nadu)

Action Astringent, bitter tonic, anthelmintic. Used for polyurea; externally for wounds and ulcers.

The grass growing is New South Wales is reported to contain cyanogenetic glycosides.

In Indian medicine, the grass is used for imparting medicinial properties of Takra (buttermilk) in intestinal, biiary and urinary diseases.

Dactyloctenium aegyptium Beauv.



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