Murraya koenigii (Linn.) Spreng.



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Family : Rutaceae.

Habitat : Cultivated in Tamil Nadu;

Maharashtra and North India.


Murraya koenigii

English : Curry-Leaf tree.

Ayurvedic : Surabhini-nimba.

Unani : Karipattaa.

Siddha/Tamil : Karuveppilei,

Karivempu, Kattuveppilei.

Folk : Mithaa Neem, Kathneem,

Gandhela, Barsanga.

Action : Leaf—stomachic, antiprotozoal,

spasmolytic; promotes

appetite and digestion, destroys

pathogenic organism, antidysenteric.

Externally, used against skin


All parts of the plant, especially the

leaves, are rich in carbazole alkaloids

(several carbazole bases have been isolated).

The leaves also gave a coumarin

glucoside, scopolin.

The beta-carotene content of curry

leaves was founddecreasedoncooking;

deep frying resulted in maximum loss.

Inclusion of curry leaves in the diet

of diabetic patients reduced the blood

glucose level appreciably (it did not

produce any insulin response).

The steam distillate of the leaves is

reported to exhibit antifungal and insecticidal


The ethanolic extract of the stem

bark showed anti-inflammatory effect

in carrage



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