SIRISA - Albizia lebbek



Botanical Name— Albizia lebbek (L). Benth.

 Names in different languages

Hindi- Siris; Telugu- Dirisena chettu; Tamil-Vegiai; Kannada- Bagemara; Malayalam- Vaga; Panjabi- Siri; Gujarati-Sarsado; Bengali- Sirosh; Marathi-Siräs
Synonyms— Kapitanch; Mridu pupa, Bhandi, Bhandirah, Sukataru, Suka priya,Suka pupa

Scientific classification: The albizias are members of the subfamily Mimosoideae, family Fabaceae (formerly Leguminosae). The silk tree is classified as Albizia julibrissin, and the plume albizia is classified as Paraserianthes lophantha.


         Vedic literature extensively quoted sirisa among
the Sãnta Vrksas. In sustra stana describes it is one of the best plants for Danta Kãsthas (tooth brushes).





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