PALASA - Butea monosperma




Botanical Name— Butea monosperma (Lam.) Kuntz.

(B.frondodsa Koen ex. Roxb.)


Names in different languages

Hindi-Dhaka; English- Flame of the forest tree; Telugu-Moduga chettu; Tamil-Paras; Kannada- Muttuga; Malayalam- plash


Scientific classification: The flame tree belongs tothe subfamily Caesalpinioideae, family Fabaceae (formerly Leguminosae). It is classified as Delonix regia. The laceback tree belongs to the Sterculiaceae family and is classified as Brachychiton acerifolius. The Chinese flame tree belongs to the Sapindaceae family and is classified as Koelreuteria bipinnata.

Introduction— It is the most important plants for the Yajna. Its gum (red coloured) is also described in vedic texts .it used in the management of Arsas, Atisãra, Raktapitta, Kustha, Raktaja Gulma etc.




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