INDRAVARUNI - Citrullus colocynthis


Botanical Name— Citrullus colocynthis Scharad.

(Colocynthis vulgaris Scharad).



Names in different languages

Hindi-lndrayan; Telugu- Chedu puchcha, Cinna papara, Kuturu budama; English- Colocynth or Bitter apple; Malayalam & Tamil-Pekkumutti; Kannada- Tumtikayi

Synonyms—Indri, Gavãksi, Gavãdani, Citrã, Citraphalã, Viãlã, Indrasurã, Indrasãhvã, Mrgervaru,

 Scientific classification: The colocynth is a member of the family Cucurbitaceae and is classified as Citrullus colocynthis.

             The citron melon is classified as Citrullus vulgaris, variety Citroides, in the family Cucurbitaceae.


This drug useful  in Unmada & show virechana properties. 





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