NIMBUKA - Citrus limon


Botanical Name— Citrus limon Var. acida


Classification according to Caraka, Susrutha & Vagbhata

 Caraka           Phala Varga, Amla varga

Suruta             Phala varga

Vgbhata          Phala varga



This drug commonly used in Rasa sãstra . it coming under Amla varga. Its juice is considered to be Vyadhi-viparitarthakãri cikitsa in Amlapittai Süla.this herb have high Vitamin -C value.





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Kumkum / safron - Crocus sativus

 Medicinal Plant / herbs

Crocuses belong to the family Iridaceae. The saffron crocus is classified as Crocus sativus, It is a shrub. Leaves are seen towards the base of the stem and are compactly arranged.Read More about safron.....