Barghi -  Clerodendrum infortunatum


Barghi -  Clerodendrum infortunatum


Clerodendrum infortunatum

Clerodendrum infortunatum
auct. non Linn. C.B.Clarke.
Family Verbenaceae.
Habitat Throughout India.
Ayurvedic Bhaandira, Bhaandi,
Kaari. Also known as Bhaarangi
(C. serratum).
Siddha/Tamil Karukanni, Perugilai.

Action Leaves—used as a substitute
for Chiretta.


Clerodendrum infortunatum


Leaves and roots—
employed externally for skin
diseases and alopecia. Leaves are
prescribed in headache. Roots are
given in cramps and rheumatism.
In homoeopathy, the fresh leaves are
employed for colic due to worms, diarrhoea
associated with nausea, chronic
fever with loss of appetite and in enlargement
of liver and spleen with indigestion
and constipation.

The alcoholic extract of the whole
plant showed antiprotozoal activity
against Entamoeba histolytica. It also
exhibited hypoglycaemic activity in
albino rats. The leaves exhibit antifungal

Dosage Leaf—15–30 ml juice.







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