KARKATA SRNGI- Pistacia integerrima/ Rhzus succedanea


Pistacia integerrima/ Rhzus succedanea Linn( commercial- [AD])

Botanical Name— Rhus succedanea Linn.


Names in different languages

Hindi-Kakada singi; Telugu- Karkata sringi; 

Synonyms—Ajasrngi, Kulira visãnikã, Vakrã, Srñgi

Scientific classification: Pistachios make up the genus Pistacia of the family Anacardiaceae. The pistachio, or pistacia, tree is classified as Pistacia vera, Pistacia integerrima, and the turpentine tree as Pistacia terebinthus.



       Karkada is the name of the tree producing srngi (gall). People consider this tree as dreadful. It is important to note that Susruta classified it as poisonous tuber.Gall produced by the help of a insect- Dasia aedifactor – (plant produce resin against insect). Mainly effective
 in children’s diseases.
















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