DHATAKI - Woodfordia floribunda


Botanical Name— Woodfordia floribunda Salisb.

 (W. fruticosa(L.). Kurz.,  Lythrum fruiticosum Linn.)


Names in different languages

Hindi-Dhaya; English-Fire flame bush; Telugu- Are puvvu; Tamil-Dhathari Jargi; Gujráti- Dhavadi; Bengali- Dhai; Marathi- Dhalas

 Synonyms—Tmrapuspi, Madakara, Vahnijvãlã, Subhiksã, Kunjarã Madyavãsini, Ratisprshã.

 Scientific classification: Loosestrifes make up the family Lythraceae. The crape myrtle is classified as Lagerstroemia indica, the henna as Lawsonia inermis, the water willow as Decodon verticillatus. The typical loosestrife genus is Lythrum. The purple loosestrife is classified as Lythrum salicarial, the hyssop loosestrife as Lythrum hyssopifolia. Loosestrifes of the genus Lysimachia belong to the family Primulaceae.


     It is one of the most  important  fermenting agents . it used for fertility agent, Atisãra & anti-diarrhoeal, Visarpa ,Visa (poisoning)









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Kumkum / safron - Crocus sativus

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