Synonym K. tenufolia Stend. Cyperus triceps (Rottb.) Endl.
Family Cyperaceae.
Habitat Northwestern India, Gujarat, Rajasthan and South India.

Ayurvedic Nirvishaa (var.) Mustaka (var.), Apivisha.
Folk Mustu (Maharashtra).
Action Root—febrifuge and antidermatosis. Also used for diabetes.
Kyllinga monocephala Rottb., synonym Cyperus kyllinga Endl., common throughout India, is also known as Nirvishaa, Nirbishi and Mustaa (var.). The root is used as diuretic (in polyuria), demulcent, refrigerant and antipyretic. It is prescribed for fistula, pustules, tumours, measles, diarrhoea and other intestinal affections.
Traces of hydrocyanic acid are reported to be present in the root, stems and nutlets.


Lactuca runcinata DC. cm, carotine, iodine, fluorine. A. di etar allowance of 10 g of lettuce is ad-
Synonym L. heyneana DC. equate to meet the vitamin K require-
Family Compositae; Asteraceae. ment of the body.
Aqueous extract of roots gave a gua Habita Many parts of India, as iene-type sesquiterpene glycoside, lac common weed.
toside C, along with known glycosides,
Folk Undir-chaa-kaan (Maharash- lactoside A and macro-cliniside A.
Action Diuretic, slightly aperient.
Used as a diuretic in calculous affec-
Lactuca serriola Linn.
tions, also for chronic obstruction
Synonym L. scariola Linn.
of liver and bowels.
Compositae; Asteraceae.
A smaller var., found in western Ut- Habitat The Western Himalayas, tar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Saurashtra and between 1,800 and 3,300 m. Found the Deccan Penninsula, is equated with wild.
L. remotflora DC.
English Wild Lettuce, Prickly
Ayurvedic Salaad, Vanya-Kaahuu.

Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants

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