Lactuca sativa Linn.
Kaahuu Saharai, Kaahuu
Synonym L. scariola Linn. var. Barn.
sativa C.B. Clarke. Siddha/Tamil Salattu.
Family Compositae; Asteraceae. Action Plant—mild sedative,
Habitat Native to Southern and diuretic, diaphoretic, expectorant,
West Asia. Cultivated throughout antiseptic. Seed—demulcent. The
India as a cold weather crop. seeds are used in the form ofpowder
for coughs and as a decoction for
English Garden Lettuce.
Unani Kaahuu Bustaani, Salaad
Seeds contain protein, amino acids;
Pattaa, Salaad Baaghi. Mg Al and K as major elements besides
Siddha/Tamil Salattu. Na, Ca, Si, Ti, Mn, Fe and Cu.
Action Plant—used in painful Arachidic, caproic, linoleic, ole-
ulcers and burns. ic, palmitic, stearic acids and sitos tero (from the root); ascorbic acid,
The leaves contain calcium, phos- beta-carotene, 8-deoxylactucin, lac phorus iron, thiamine, riboflavin, nia- ticin, jacquilenin, lactupicrin, ubiqui

358 Lactuca virosa Linn.

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Lactuca virosa Linn.

Family Compositae; Asteraceae.
Habitat Native to Europe. Imported into India.
English Bitter Lettuce, Wild Lettuce.
Unani Kaahuu Sahrai (var.), Kaahuu Barn (var.).
Action Mild sedative, hypnotic, (once used as a substitute for
opium), anodyne, expectorant.
Key application As sedative. (The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia.)
Used in insomnia, nervous excitability, anxiety, restlessness, hyperactivity in children, nymphomania, smoker’s cough, irritable cough and bronchitis.

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