The plant contains pantothenic acid, pyridoxin and rutin. Ethanolic extract of the plant showed antiviral activity against rinderpest virus.
Dosage Seed𦠮 g powder. (API, Vol. I.)
Leptadenia reticulata W. &A.
Habitat Sub-Himalayan tracts
of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh and Deccan Peninsula up to an altitude of 900 m.
Ayurvedic Jivanti; Jivaniya, Jivapushpa, Hemavati, Jivana. Shaakashreshtha, Payaswini, Maangalya, Madhusravaa. (Guduuchi, Medaa, Kaakoli and Vrkshaadani are also known as Jivanti.) (Haimavati

Leucaena glauca Benth. 371

is equated with Orris Root and Hemapushpa with Sarca asoca flower.)
Siddha/Tamil Keerippaalai. Folk Dodishaak (Gujarat).
Action Plant梥timulant and restorative. Improves eyesight. Found useful in the treatment of habitual abortion. Leaves and roots used in skin diseases.
The herb contains n-triacontane, cetyl alcohol, beta-sitosterol, betaamyrin acetate, lupanol 3-0-digluco- side and lepitidin glycoside.
Stigmasterol and lip oid fraction of the plant exhibited estrogen mimetic effects.
Alcoholic extract of roots and leaves show antibacterial activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.
Intravenous administration of aqueous extract of stems has a pronounced and hypotensive action in anaesthetized dogs.
Dosage Root𦠮 g powder. (CCRAS.)
Leptadenia spartium Wight.
Synonym L. pyrotechnica (Forsk.) Decne.
Family Asclepiadaeae.
Habitat Punjab, Western Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and northern parts of Mumbai along the sea coast.
Folk Kheemp (Rajasthan), Kheep (Gujarat). Prasaarani is a doubtful synonym.

Action Antiseptic. Plant used for the treatment of burns and wounds.
The plant contains a triterpenoid, leptadenol; also 2.32 g!lOO g tannin.
Lettsomia elliptica Wight.
Synonym Argyreia elliptica (Wight) Choisy.
Family Convolvulaceae.

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