Family Cucurbitacease.
Habitat Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
Folk Appakovay (Tamil Nadu).
Kukumadona, Nagadonda (Andhra
Pradesh) Nurakvel (Maharashtra).
Action Root and fruit—demulcent; used in asthma and piles.
Khaya senegalensis A. Juss.
Synonym Melia dubia Cay. Family Meliaceae.
Habitat Native to South Africa. Planted in forest nurseries and
plantation at Pune and Vada (Maharashtra).
English African Mahogany.
Action Anti-inflammatory, cardiogenic.
Methanolic extract of the stem bark showed cardiovascular (cardiogenic) effect in rodents by increasing blood pressure and vasoconstriction of the arota partly due to the stimulation of beta-receptors and aipha-adrenoceptors.
Alcoholic extract of the stem bark showed anti-inflammatory activity.


354 Kigelia pinnata (Jacq.) DC.

Kigelia pinnata (Jacq.) DC. Synonym K. africana (Lam.) Benth. Family Bignoniaceae.
Habitat Native to West Africa, cultivated as a roadside tree.
English Common Sausage tree. Folk Jhaar Phaanuus.
Action Bark—antidysenteric, antirheumatic, diuretic. Used in venereal diseases. Fruits— purgative.
The root bark contains monoterpenoids, pinnatal, isopinnatal and isokigelinol napthoquinones.
The fruit gave a cytostatic compound.
In Africa, the root bark is used in the treatment of venereal diseases, haemorrhoids and rheumatism; also as a vermifuge.
Kingiodendron pinnatum
(Roxb. ex DC.) Harms.
Synonym Hardwickia pinnata Roxb. ex DC.
Family Caesalpiniaceae.
Habitat Hifis of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

English Piney.

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