Ayurvedic Vyaaghrairanda. Siddha/Tamil Adalai, Eliyamanakku.
Folk Bagharenda, Jangali-erandi. Action Root and oil from seed— purgative. Oil—antirheumatic, antiparalytic. Used externally on ringworm and chronic ulcers. Root—used for glandular swellings.

346 Jatropha gossypifolia Linn.

Latex—applied to warts and
The plant contain aLkannins (isohexenylnaphthazarins). The presence of aLkannins in this plant (a member of
Euphorbiaceae) should be considered as an exception.
The root gave jatropholone A, fraxetin and a coumarinolignan.
Dosage Seed—50—100 mg powder. (CCRAS.)

Jatropha gossypifolia Linn.

Family Euphorbiaceae.

Habitat Native to Brazil; cultivated as an ornamental.
English Tua-Tua.
Ayurvedic Rakta-Vyaaghrairanda.
Siddha/Tamil Stalai.
Folk Laal Bagharenda.
Action Leaf and seed—purgative. Leaf—antidermatosis. Bark— emmenagogue. Seed—emetic. Seed fatty oil—used in paralytic affections, also in skin diseases.
The leaves contain triterpenes, a tnhydroxy ketone and corresponding diosphenol. The root contains the diterpenes, jatropholone A and jatrophatrione. A tumour-inhibitor macrocyclic diterpene, j atrophone, has been isolated from roots.
The seeds contain phorbol derivatives, jatropholones A and B, hydroxyjatrophone and hydroxyisojatrophone.
Hot water extract of the plant exhibits antimalarial activity against
Plasmodium falciparum.

iatropha multifida Linn.
Family Euphorbiaceae.
Habitat Native to South America. Naturalized in various parts of
English Coral plant, Physic Nut.
Ayurvedic Brihat-Danti (bigger var. of Danti, also equated with Baliospermum montanum).
Folk Danti (var.).

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