Ayurvedic Suvarchalaa (var.).
Unani Khubbaazi, Bhubhaazi Bustaani, Gul-Khair.
Action Mucilaginous, emollient, laxative, antitussive, pectoral, antibacterial. Infusion is used for coughs and colds, irritation of the bronchi. Phagocyte stimulant.
Key application In irritation of the mucosa and throat and dry, irritative cough. (German Commission E.)
The herb contains suiphated flavonol glycosides, mucilage and tannins. Flowers contain malvin (an anthocyanin), malvidin diglucoside, tannins, carotene and ascorbic acid.


396 Mandragora autumnalis Spreng.

Malva coromandeliana Linn. (also malvastrum) is anti-inflammatory, pectoral, antidysenteric and diaphoretic.
Mandragora autumnalis Spreng.
M. microcarpa Bertol. M. officinarum Linn.
Habitat Mediterranean region.
English Mandrake.
Ayurvedic Wrongly equated with Lakshmanaa, a fertility promoting herb. (In Indian medicine, Panax quinquefolium Linn. and Panax
Nees have been equated with Lakshmanaa.)
Action Anaesthetic, narcotic,
poisonous. Alkaloid pattern similar to
Atropa belladona. A sample
of roots from Morocco contained atropine (0.2% at flowering stage).
In India,
Panax sp. are perceived as fertility and vitality promoting herbs, which have been attributed to Lakshmanaa. Mandrake exhibits anticholinergic effects.
English Mandrake and American Mandrake are equated with
Bryonia alba and Podophyllum hexandrum respectively.
Mangif era indica Linn.
Family Anacardiaceae.
Habitat Uttar Pradesh., Punjab, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

English Mango.
Ayurvedic Aamra, Amb, Rasaal, Sahakaar, Pikavallabha, Madhudoot, Atisaurabha, Maakanda.

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