Melilotus alba Desr.
Habitat Native to Europe and Asia; grown in North India.
English White Sweet Clover.
Unani Ilki-ul-Malik, Naakhunaa (white-flowered var.).
Action See Melilotus indica.
Melilotus indica (Linn.) All.
Synonym M. parvflora Desf. Family Paplionaceae; Fabaceae. Habitat Native to Eurasia; found
as winter weed and cultivated for fodder in parts of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.
English Sweet Clover, Annual Yellow Sweet Clover, Small-flowered Meliot.
Ayurvedic Vana-methikaa.
Unani Ilkil-ul-Malik (yellow- flowered var.).

Ayurvedic Arangaka.

Folk Ban-Methi, Senji.


Melissa axillaris (Benth.) Bakh f. 405

Action Plant—astringent, discutient, emollient. Used as poultice or plaster for swellings. The plant gave coumarins—fraxidin, herniarin, umbelliferone and scopoletin.
When fed alone as a green fodder, it exhibits narcotic properties; causes lethargy, tympanitis and is reported to taint the milk of dairy cattle. It may cause even paralysis. The plant contains 3-methoxyflavone, meliternatin which experimentally inhibited cell growth, induced granularity, retraction and then lysis of cells.

Melilotus off icinalis Linn.

Family Fabaceae.

Habitat Ladaith, at 3,000—4,000 m, also cultivated.
English Yellow Sweet Clover, Melilot.
Unani Iklil-ul-Malik, Asaab-ulMalik, Naakhunaa.
Action i Plant—astringent, wound healer, styptic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, mild analgesic, anticoagulant, spasmolytic. Flower and leaf—diuretic, analgesic, anti- inflammatory, smooth muscle relaxant, vasodilator. Seed—used in cold.
Key application In chronic venous insufficiency. For supportive treatment of thrombophlebitis, haemorrhoids and lymphatic congestion. (German Commission E.) As venotonic, vulnerary. (The

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