Morinda citrifolia Linn. 421

Habitat Throughout India in ponds, tanks, ditches, as a weed common in rice fields.
Ayurvedic Indivara (Kerala). Kakapola (Malyalam), Nirkancha (Telugu).
Siddha/Tamil Senkzhuneerkizhangu.
Folk Nukha, Nanda (Bengal).
Action Leaves—juice is given for coughs. Roots—prescribed for stomach and liver complaints.
Bark—prescribed with sugar for asthma.
Monotropa uniflora Linn.
Habitat The temperate Himalayas from Himachal Pradesh to Bhutan and in Khasi Hills at 1,800—2,400 m.
English Indian Pipe.
Action Root—sedative, nervine, antispasmodic.
The plant gave sitosterol, campesterol and traces of cholesterol. The oil contained linolenic, palmitic, linoleic and hexadecenoic acids.
Morinda citrifolia Linn.
M. bracteata Roxb. Family Rubiaceae.
Habitat Sub-Himalayan tracts, Darjeeling, Konkan and the Andamans.

Ayurvedic Ashyuka, Akshi, Atchy. Siddha/Tamil Nunaa, Togaru.
Action Fruit—emmenagogue, antileucorrhoeic, antidysenteric, anticatarrhal (used in throat
infections and asthma). Root and leaf—cathartic, febrifuge, anti-inflammatory (used in gout). Root—anticongestive, hypotensive. A decoction is given to regulate menstruation.
The heartwood yielded anthraquinones—alizarin and its glycosides,
nordamnacanthol. Leaves contain ursolic acid and beta-sitosterol. Fruits gave asperuloside and caproic acid.
The lyophilized aqueous extract of roots was evaluated for analgesic and behavioural effects in mice; positive resuits were observed confirming a sedative property without exhibiting any toxic effects.
Ethanolic extract of the plant showed significant antimicrobial activity.
Morinda coreia Buch.-Ham., M. tinctoria Roxb. (dry forests throughout the greater part of India) is considered as the wild form or a varient of Morinda citnfolia and is known by the same vernacular nemes. The root bark gave the insecticidal glycoside, morindin-6- primeveroside, which was found lethal on cockroaches and houseflies topical ly. Morinda umbellata L. (Bihar, Khasi Hills and Peninsular India) is also known as Nunaa in Tamil Nadu.

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