Neuracanthus sphaerostachyus
Habitat Western Ghats, Deccan and Gujarat.
Folk Ganther (Gujarat and Maharashtra), Ghosa-vel (Maharashtra).
Action Root-paste applied to ringworm.

Nicotiana tabacum Linn.

Family Solanaceae.

Habitat Native to tropical America; cultivated mainly in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal.
English Tobacco.
Ayurvedic Taamraparna, Dhuumrapatraa.
Unani Tambaakhu.
Action Leavesódecoction is locally applied for muscle relaxation in dislocation, strangulated hernia and orchitis. Also for arthralgia, lumbago, rheumatism and gout (an ointment is made by simmering the leaves in lard). Not used internally as a medicine.

Nigella sativa Linn. 439

The plant contains nicotine as the major alkaloid.
Toxic influence of cigarette and
bidi smoking on carboxyhaemoglobin levels of the blood of regular smokers was compared and no significant difference was observed in both of them. A pyrolysed tobacco product, used in India as a dentifrice, when administered to rats, showed activity comparable to benzo(a)pyrene, a potent carcinogen.
Habitual consumption of betel quid containing tobacco shows a strong cytotoxic potential.
Nicotiana rustica Linn. is known as Kalakatiyaa or Vfilaayati tobacco. Its nicotine content is high and is not suitable for cigarettes, cigars or bidis. Different variants of this tobacco are used for hookah, chewing and snuff.
Nigella damascena Linn.
Family Ran unculaceae.
Habitat Native to Southern Europe; cultivated in Indian gardens.
English Love-in-a-mist.
Ayurvedic Upakunchikaa (var.).
Siddha Karumcheerakam.

Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants

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