Nymphaea rubra Roxb. ex Salisb.
N. nouchali Burm. f.
N. lotus Hook. f. Thoms non L.
Family Nymphaeaceae.
Habitat Throughout the warmer parts of India.
English Indian Red Water-lily.
Ayurvedic Kumuda, utpala (red-flowered var.).
Siddha/Tamil Alli-tamarai, Vellambal.
Action Flower—astringent, cardiac tonic; used in palpitation of heart. Rhizomes—used for dysentery and dyspepsia.

See N. alba.

442 Nymphaea stellata Wild.

Nymphaea stellata Wild. Family Nymphaeaceae.
Habitat A native to Southeast
Asia; found in ponds and ditches
throughout India.
English Indian Blue Water-lily.
Ayurvedic Niotpala (blue or
voilet-flowered var.).
Unani Nilofar.
Siddha/Tamil Neelothpalam.
Action See N. alba.

Nymphoides macrospermum
Family Menyanthaceae.
Habitat South India.
Folk GranthikTagar.
Action Sedative, antispasmodic. Used in neurological disorders and colic.
Stalks and leaves—pounded with oil and applied to ulcers.
Limnanthemum cristatum Griseb.



Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants

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