cough, bronchial affections; insomnia, depression, mental exhaustion; constipation, misperistalsis, j aundice; dysuria, urethral discharges; fevers.
The name Gaozaban is applied to six different plants, belonging to five genera. According to
The Wealth of India, Gaozaban is derived not from this plant but from Anchusa strigosa Labill, which occurs in Iran. Kashmiri Gaozaban is derived from Macrotomia benthamii. Coccinia glauca is also used as Gojihvaa.
Borage has been equated with
Borago officinalis Linn. (Boraginacea.).
Dosage Dried leaves and stems, flowers𦠮 g powder.
Onosma echioides
B. Clarke non Linn.
Synonym Onosma hispidum Wall. ex D. Don.
Family Boraginaceae.
Habitat Kashmir and Kumaon up to 1,0001,500 m.
Unani Ratanjot (equated with Onosma echio ides Linn., according to National Form ularly of Unani Medicine).
Action Astringent and styptic. Root梑ruised and used as application to eruptions. An ingredient of ointments for ulcers, scrofula, burns. Flowers梥timulant, cardiac tonic.
Ursolic acid and naphthoquinones, onosone A and B have been isolat e

from the root. Shikonin acetate is obtained from callus cultures of the plant.
The species, distributed in western Himalayas, is
Onosma echioides C. B. Clarke non Linn.; Onosma echioides Linn. is an European species. A variety of this species, var. kashmiricum Johnson, is found in Kashmir. Onosma hookeri C. B. Clarke occurs in Sikkim and Bhutan.
Maharanga emodi (Wall.) DC., synonym Onosma emodi (Wall.) DC. (the Himalayas from Garhwal to Bhutan at altitudes of 3,5004,000 m) is also known as Ratanjot and Shankhuli.
(Ratanjot is used in a generic sense to cover a range of red dye-yielding roots, rather than the root of a single species. As many as 15 plant species belonging to four different families are known as Ratanjot; five of them do not yield red dye. General properties and colour reactions attributed to Ratanjot resemble Alkanet from
Alkanna tinctona Tausch.)
Operculina turpethum
(Linn.) Silva Manso.
Synonym Ipomoea turpethum R.

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