Orthosiphon grandiflorus urate salts in solution, thus prevents
Boldingh. calculi and other deposits. The leaf ex trac lowers blood sugar in diabetics,
Synonym 0. aristatus (Blume) Miq. but not consistently.
0. spiralis (Linn.) Merrill Orthosiphon pallidus Royle, equated
0. stamineus Benth. with the Ayurvedic herb Arjaka and
Shveta-Kutherak and known as Ajagur
Family Labiatae; Lamiaceae.
and Naganda-baavari in folk medicine,
Habitat Manipur, Naga and Lushai is used for dysuria and colic. hills, Chota Nagpur, Western Ghats.
English Kidney Tea Plant, Java Tea.
Folk Mutri-Tulasi (Maharashtra). Orthosi phon tomentosus Benth.
var. glabratus Hook. f.
Action Leaves—diuretic, used
in nephrosis and severe cases of
Synonym 0. glabratus Benth.
oedema. An infusion of leaves is Family
Labiatae; Lamiaceae.
given as a specific in the treatment of
various kidney and bladder diseases Habitat Orissa, Gujarat, South
India, ascending up to 1,000 m in
including nephrocirrhosis and
the hills.
phosphaturia, also in rheumatism
and gout.
Ayurvedic Prataanikaa (non classical). Key application In irrigation
therapy for bacterial and inflamma-
Folk Tulasi (var.), Kattu-thrithava
tory diseases of the lower urinary (Kerala).
tract and renal gravel.
(German Action Plant—a decoction is Commission E.)
given in diarrhoea. Leaves—applied
externally to cuts and wounds.
Flower tops and leaves (samples
from Indonesia) contained methyl ri
pariochromene A. In another sample,
leaves also yielded several phe-
Oryza sativa Linn.
nolic compounds including lipophiic

Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants

A Candle of Medicinal Herb’s Identification and Usage