444 Ocimum canum Sims.

Ayurvedic Barbari, Tuvari, Tungi, Kharpushpa, Ajgandhikaa, Baabui Tulasi.
Unani Faranjmishk. (also equated with Dracocephalum moldavica Linn. by National Form ulary of Unani Medicine.), Raihan (also equated with 0. sanctum). (used as a substitute for Phanijjaka.)
Siddha/Tamil Tiruneetruppachhilai.
Folk Bana-Tulasi. Sabzaa (Maharashtra).
Action Flower—stimulant, carminative, antispasmodic, diuretic, demulcent. Seed—antidysenteric. Juice of the plant—antibacterial. Essential oil—antibacterial, antifungal, insecticidal.
• (Because of high estragole content of the essential oil, the herb should not be taken during pregnancy, nursing or over extended periods of time.)
(German Commission E.) Included among unapproved herbs by German Commission E.
The herb contains an essential oil; major constituents are linalool (up to 55%) methyl ether (estragole) up to
70% and eugenol; caffeic acid derivatives; flavonoids. Thymol and xanthomicrol were isolated from the leaves. Aesculetin, p- coumaric acid, eriodictyol, its 7-glucoside and vicenin-2 from leaves have been isolated.
The essential oil at concentration of 0.15% completely inhibited mycelial growth of twenty two species of fungi, including mycotoxin-producing strains
of Aspergillusfiavus and A. parasiticus. Leaves act as an insect repel-

lent externally; bring relief to insect bites and stings.
In homoeopathy, the fresh mature leaves are used to treat haematuria, inflammation and congestion of kidney.
Dosage Whole plant—50—l00 ml decoction; seed—1—3 g powder.
Ocimum canum Sims.
Synonym 0. americanum Linn.
Labiatae; Lam iaceae.
Habitat Plains and lower hills of India.
English Hoary Basil.
Ayurvedic Kaali Tulasi, Vana-Tulasi.
Siddha/Tamil Ganjamkorai, Nai-Tulasi.
Action Plant—stimulant, carminative, diaphoretic. Leaf—bechic, febrifuge; used in cold, bronchitis, catarrh, externally in skin diseases. Essential oil—antifungal. Seeds— hypoglycaemic; also used in the

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