The ethanol extract (90%) of the leaves showed hepatoprotective ef fec

against paracetamol-induced liver damage.
The plant extract exhibited antiulcerogenic property against experimental ulcers.
Oral administration of alcoholic extract of leaves lowers blood sugar level in normal, glucose-fed hyperglycaemic and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. The activity of the extract was 91.55 and 70.43% of that of tolbutamide in normal and diabetic rats respective ly. Administration of the juice of the plant affected a significant reduction in the size of urinary brushite crystals.
A study of methanol extract and aqueous suspension of the leaves showed immunostimulation of humoral immunologic response in albino rats indicating the adaptogenic action of the plant.
Dosage Seed—l—2 g powder (API, Vol. IV); plant—S 0—10 ml infusion (CCRAS.).
Ocimum viride Willd.
Family Labiatae; Lamiaceae.
Habitat Native to Africa; introduced into India.
English Fever plant of Sierra Leone.
Folk Taap-maari Tulasi (Maharashtra).
Action Leaves—febrifugal. Used as a remedy for coughs and fevers. Oil antiseptic.
Ocimum viride species, cultivated in Jammu-Tawi, gives maximum oil yield

Olax scandens Roxb. 447

(0.4%) at full bloom stage and highest percentage of thymol (55.12%) in the oil, which can be used as a substitute for thyme-ajowan oil.
Oenanthe javanica (Blume) DC.
0. stolinfera Wall. cx DC.
Apiaceae; Umbellferae.
Habitat Marshy places and river banks in North India from Kashmir to Assam.
Folk Jateraa (Meghalaya); Panturasi (Bengal).
Action The plant extract showed strong antimutagenic and antitumour activity.
From the herb, beta-sitosteryl glucoside, stigmasteryl glucoside, isorhamnetin and hyperin were isolated. The fruit yield 1.5% of an essential oil, containing phellandrene and myristicin.

Oenothera odorata Jacq.

Family Onagraceae.

Habitat Native to Chile; cultivated as a garden plant in South Australia. Introduced into Indian gardens.
English Evening Primrose (var.); Sundrop (var.).

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