Plumbago capensis Thunb. Dahana, Sikhi.
P auriculata Lam. Unani Sheetraj Hindi.
• • Siddha/Tamil Chittramoolam.
Plum baginaceae.
Action Root—intestinal flora
Habitat Native to South Africa;
normalizer, stimulates digestive
grown in gardens in India.
processes; used for dyspepsia. Root
Ayurvedic Nila-chitraka (blue- paste is applied in order to open
flowered var.). (Bears pale-blue abscesses; a paste prepared with
flowers.) milk, vinegar or salt and water, is _______
Action See
P zeylanica. used externally in leprosy and other
obstinate skin diseases. A cold
infusion is used for influenza and
black-water fever.
Plumbago indica Linn.
Key application In sprue, malab Synony P rosea Linn. sorption syndrome, piles and in flammator diseases of ano-rectum.
Plum baginaceae.
(The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of
Habitat Indigenous to Sikkim and India.)
khasi hills, grown in Indian gardens.
The root yielded naphthoquinone
English Rose-coloured Leadwort. derivatives, plumbagin being the most
Ayurvedic Rakta-chitraka (red- important active principle.
flowered var.). The root extract, after processing
for plumbagin enhancement, has been
Siddha/Tamil Chittramoolam. used in a number of drug formula-
Action See P zeylanica. P indica tions for liver ailments. Experimental- is preferred in West Bengal and ly, plumbagin prevented the accumulaKerala. Both P indica and P tion of triglycerides in liver and aorta

502 Plumeria acuminata Ait.

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