and regressed atheromatous plaques and abdominal aorta. The chloroform extract of the root showed significant activity against pencillin-resistant (also non-pendillin resistant) strains of Ne isseria gonorrhoea. (The root is used for treating sexually transmitted diseases in traditional Indian medicine.)
In Siddha medicine, in Tamil Nadu, the plant is an ingredient in a number of drug formulations for treating cancers of the uterus, breast, lungs and oral cavity, in addition to haemorrhoids.
Plumbagin is abortifacient, antiovulatory; causes selective testicular lesions in dogs; in lower doses it behaves like a spindle poison, in higher concentration exhibits radiomimetic nucleotoxic and cytotoxic effects.
Dosage Detoxified root—l—2 g powder.
(API, Vol. I.)
Plumeria acuminata Ait. Family Apocynaceae.
Habitat Native to Mexico; cultivated in Indian gardens.
English Pagoda tree.
Action Root bark—used in herpes, sexually transmitted diseases.
Bark—stimulant, emmenagogue. Root—violent cathartic. Latex— purgative, rubefacient.
Iridoids are present in the leaf, stem, flower and root. Plumieride glucoside has been isolated from all parts of the plant. The plumeric acid, isolated from leaves, exhibits promising cytotoxic activity.

Fulvoplumierin (a pigment) inhibits the growth of various strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Plumeria alba Linn.
Habitat Native to West Indies; cultivated in Indian gardens.
English White Champa.
Ayurvedic Kshira Champaka
(white-flowered var.).
Siddha/Tamil Perumal Arali, Seemai Arali.
Action Root bark—used in blennorrhagia. Bark and latex—used
externally in herpes, syphilitic ulcers and scabies. Seed—haemostatic.
The root gave iridoids—iso-plumericin, plumericin, plumieride, plumieride coumarate and its glucoside. The bark gave alpha-and beta-amyrin and their acetates, beta-sitosterol, scopoletin and plumieride. The flowers also contain plumieride coumarate and its glucoside, in addition to quercetin derivatives.
Plumeria rubra Linn.

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