(DC.) Korth., Choicy.
Family Theaceae.
Habitat Eastern Himalayas from Nepal eastwards to Assam, Khasi Hills and Manipur up to 2,100 m.
English Chilauni Needle Wood. Folk Chilauni. Makria (Assam).
Action Stem bark—anthelmintic (used for tapeworms), rubefacient. Aerial parts—antifungal.
The plant contains octacosanol, phytol, alpha-spinasterol and a sap onin, schiwallin. Schiwallin is antidermatophytic.
The bark and leaves contain 6% and 4% tannin, respectively.
Schizachyrium exile Stapf.
Synonym Andropogon exilis Hochst.
Gram ineae; Poaceae.
Habitat Bihar, Assam, Bengal and Tamil Nadu.
Ayurvedic Sprkaa, Sprk.
Action Used as a substitute for Delphinium Zalil.

Schweinfurthia sphaerocarpa A. Br. 589

Schleichera oleosa (Lour.) Oken.
Synonym S. trijuga Wilid & Klein.
Habitat The sub-Himalayan tract from Kashmir to West Bengal; Bihar, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, southwards to Peninsular India.
English Lac tree, Macassar Oil tree, Honey tree, Ceylon Oak.
Ayurvedic Koshaamra, Kshudraamra, Lakshaa vrksha, Ghanaskandha.
Siddha/TamiI Puvathipuvam, Pulaachi.
Action Bark—astringent; mixed with oil, applied externally in skin eruptions. Seed oil—used for massage in rheumatism and applied in alopecia, itch and acne; stimulates hair growth. (Tree is an important host of Kusmi lac.)
Fatty acids of the oil consisted of oleic (52.%), gadoleic, stearic, arachidic, behenic, palmitoleic and palmitic acids. Young leaves contain gallo-tannic acid (5.09%, dry matter basis). The bark contains 9.4% tannin.
Dosage Bark—50—100 ml decoction. (CCRAS.)
Schrebera swientenioides Roxb.

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