An extract of the plant was found to be rich in luteolin or luteolin 7- glucoside and can be used for the treatment of hyperpigmentation of skin.
Achras zapota Linn.
Manilkara zapota (Linn.)
P. van Royan
Man ilkara achras (Mifi.) Fosberg
Sapota achras Mill.
     Family Sapotaceae.
Habitat Native to Central America. Cultivated chiefly in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.
English Sapota, Sapodilla Plum,


Unani Sapotaa, Cheeku.

Siddha/Tamil Shimai eluppai. Action Fruit—antibilious. Seed— diuretic. Fruit and bark—febrifuge.
The bark contains latex (20—25% of which consists of gutta-percha-like substance); also contains tannin (11.8%). The seeds contain quercitol.
Chewing gum consists of approximately 20% chicle, plus sugar, corn syrup and flavourings.
Achyranthes aspera Linn.
     Family Amaranthaceae.
Habitat Throughout the tropical and subtropical regions, up to an

altitude of 2,100 m, in the southern Andaman Islands.
English Prickly Chaff Flower.
Ayurvedic Apaamaarga, Chirchitaa,
Shilthari, Shailtharika, Adahshalya,
Mayura, Mayuraka, Kharamanjari,
Kharapushpaa, Pratyakpushpaa,
Aaghaat, Vashira, Kanihi.

Unani Chirchitaa.

Siddha/Tamil Naayuruvi.

Folk Chirchitta, Chichidaa,


Action Astringent, pectoral (ashes of the plant used in asthma and cough), diuretic, hepatoprotective, emmenagogue. Benzene extract of the plant exhibited abortifacient activity. The flowers, ground and

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