24 Aganosma dichotoma (Roth) K. Schum.

False cardamom, is also equated with Heel Habshi.
Aganosma dichotoma
(Roth) K. Schum.
Synonym A. caryophyllata G. Don †††††Family Apocynaceae.
Habitat Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu; often cultivated in Indian gardens.
Ayurvedic Madhumaalati.
Action Antiseptic; anodyne (an ingredient in massage oils for paraplegia, neuralgia, sciatica); also anthelmintic and emetic.
The leaves contain quercetin, kaempferol and phenolic acids. Shoot tips and flower buds contain tannin.
Aganosma calycina A. DC. is also equated with Madhumaalati.

Agaricus albus Linn.††††† Family Agaricaceae.

Habitat Punjab, Asia Minor.

English Purging Agaric.

Unani Gharaiqoon; also equated with Fomes officinalis (Vill. ex Fr.) Lloyd.
Action Diuretic, laxative, deobstructant, expectorant; purgative and emetic in large doses; used in the treatment of night sweats in phthisis, and as a supporting drug for asthma.

Active principle is agaric acid (agaricin), present to the extent of 14ó16%.
Agaricus campestris Linn.
Synonym Psalliota campestris (Linn.) Fr.
†††† Family
Habitat The fungi is distributed in many parts of India, particularly on the hills and plains of northern and eastern India. Grows during the rainy weather on dead organic matter, e.g. rotting leaves and manure.
English Field mushroom, Edible mushroom.
Ayurvedic Chhatraka, Bhuumichhatra.

Unani Kammat.

Siddha Venkodiveli.

Folk Khumbi.

Action A protein (2.74%) supplement and an excellent source of vitamins of B complex. Vitamins K, C

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