and D are also present. Though all the amino acids are reported to be present, the concentration of tryptophane is particularly low.
Extracts of
A. campestris contain tyrosinase; lowered blood pressure of hypertensive animals when administered intravenously (exhibited no effect on normal animals).
Fungal enzyme preparations have been used in digestive diseases.
Field mushroom contains amylase, maltase, glycogenase, protease, catalase, tyrosinase, phosphomonoesteras

Aglaia roxburghiana Miq. Hiern 25

es, polyphosphatases, polyphenoloxidase and dehydropeptidases.
Agaricus ostreatus (Jacq.) Fries      Family Agaricaceae.
Habitat Artocarpus interfolia, indigenous to the western Ghats.
English Oyster Mushroom (grows on
Artocarpus integrfolia).
Action Prevents excessive salivation. Also given internally in dysentery, diarrhoea, stomatitis; as a paste to gums in apthae.

Agave americana Linn.

     Family Agavaceae.

Habitat Native to America; grown in gardens for ornamentation.
English Century Plant, American Aloe.
Ayurvedic Kaantala (related sp.).
Siddha/Tamil Alagai.
Folk Ban-Kevaraa.
Action Leaf juice—used for
warts, cancerous ulcers and putrid tumours. Leaves are also used as a resolvant in syphilis and scrofula.
The leaves contain ten steroidal saponins (six of these are spirostanolic and four furostanolic), also hecogenin (0.20%) and piscidic acid. The seeds contain steroid sapogenins including hecogenin. The plant exhibits significant antibacterial activity.

Ageratum conyzoides Linn.
Asteraceae, Compositae.
Habitat Throughout India, up to an altitude of 1,800 m.
English Goat Weed, White Weed. Ayurvedic Dochunty, Uchunti,
Sahadevi (related sp.).
Action Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, styptic.

Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants

A Candle of Medicinal Herb’s Identification and Usage