The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of In dia recommends the root in deficient spermatogensis and oedema.
Alkaloids, ephedrine, si-ephedrine and cryptolepine, are reported from aerial parts. The root contains 0.054% alkaloids, beta-phenethylamine, Nmethyl-beta-phenethylamine, vasicinol, vasicinone, vasicine, choline and betaine. These alkaloids are also present in the aerial parts.
Alcoholic extract of the root exhibited antibacterial and antipyretic activities.

Sida veronicaefolia Lam. 605
Proteins, linoleic, malvlic and ster- and fevers. Decoction given
culic acids have been reported from as a demulcent in irritability of
seeds. bladder and genitourinary tract.
Leaves梔emulcent and refrigerant;
Dosage Root𦠮 gpowder. (API, used for scalding urine.
Vol. III.)
The root contains alkaloids梑eta phenethylamine ephedrine, si-ephed Sid
rhombifolia Linn. var. rine, vasicinol, vasicinone, vasicine,
rhomboidea (Roxb.) Mast choline, hypaphorine, methyl ester, hy paphorin and betaine. These alkaloids
Family Malvaceae. are present in aerial parts as well.
Habitat West Bengal. Ethanolic extract of the plant ex hibit hypoglycaemic activity. It de Ayurvedi Mahaabalaa (white- pressed the normal blood pressure and
flowered var.). lowered the activity of smooth muscles
Action Plant梥pasmolytic, anti- of the ileum of experimental animals.
inflammatory. Root梥edative, CNS
Alkaloids from the plant exhib-
Sida veronicaefolia Lam. it antibacterial, antifungal and an thelminti
Synonym S. cordata (Burm. f.)
B orssum.
S. rhombifolia. s. humilis Cay.
Family Malvaceae.
Sida spinosa Linn. Habitat Throughout hotter parts
of India.
Synonym S. alba Linn.
Ayurvedic Raajabalaa, Bhumibalaa,
Family Malvaceae. Prasaarini, Suprasaraa (also equated

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