Ayurvedic Maitri.
Unani Ushbaa (wild species).
Folk Ghot-vel (Maharashtra).
Action Roots—used as a substitute for Hemidesmus indicus. Used for venereal diseases, urinary infections, rheumatism. Also used for dysentery. (S. perfoliata Lour., synonym S. prolfera Roxb. is used as a substitute for S. ovalifolia.)

Smilax lanceifolia Roxb.

Family Liliaceae.
Habitat Sikkim Himalayas, Assam and Manipur.
Ayurvedic Hindi Chobachini.
Folk Shukchin (Maharashtra), Hariaa.
Action Roots—used for rheumatic affections.

Smilax ornata Hook.

Family Liliaceae.

Habitat Tropical Himalayas from Kumaon eastwards to Khasi, Garo and Naga Hifis, and in Bihar.
Unani Ushbaa. (Jamaica saksaparilla.)
Action Roots—used as a blood purifying drug.

Smilax zeylanica Linn. Family Liliaceae.
Habitat Tropical parts of India including hifis. Common in eastern Himalayas.
Unani Jangali Ushbaa.
Siddha/Tamil Malai-thaamara.
Action Root—used in prescriptions for venereal diseases. Decoction, used for abscesses, boils, swellings and rheumatism; also for dysentery. Used as a substitute for S. ornata.
Diosgenin is reported from the root and leaf.
Solanum aculeatissimum Jacq. Family Solanaceae.
Habitat Assam and Kerala, in damp and waste places.
Ayurvedic Brihati (related species, used in Kerala). Brihati and Kantakaari have been used in Indian medicine as synonyms.

Smilax ovalifolia Roxb. Synonym S. macrophylla Roxb. Family Liliaceae.

Habitat Tropical parts of India.

610 Solanum albicaule KotschyexDunal.

Action Both fruit and leaves contain glycoalkaloid solanine; immature fruits contain more of it than the

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