catechol), monohydroxy phenol and semicarpol. These are the major constituents of the shell liquid, isolated from the nuts (about 46% of the weight of extract).
A mixture of closely related pentade - cyl catechols exhibits anticancer activity. Extracts of the fruit was found effective against human epidermoid carcinoma of the naso-pharynx in tissue culture.
Milk extract of the nut showed anti-inflammatory activity against carrageenin, 5-HT and formaldehyde- induced rat paw oedema in acute anti- inflammatory studies. (About 20% animals developed gangrene of limbs, tail and ears.)
Dosage Detoxified fruit𥹒 g in milk confection.
(API, Vol. II.)


598 Sempervivum tectorum Linn.

Sempervivum tectorum Linn. Family Crassulaceae.
Habitat Nilgiris, as ornament. (A common garden plant in Britain and Europe.)
English Houseleek.
Action Leaves梤efrigerant, astringent, antispasmodic; applied as poultice to inflammatory conditions of skin. Juice of the leaves is applied topically for treating corns.
The leaves sliced in two and the inner surface applied to warts, act as a positive cure for corns.
The leaves contain tannin, malic acid and mucilage. Three related species are found in the alpine Himalayan range from Kumaon to Kashmir.
Senecio jacquemontianus
Family b
Compositae; Asteraceae. Habitat The Western Himalayas
and Kashmir at elevation of 3,000 3,900 m.

Folk Poshkar, Hatermuula


Action Root梟ervine tonic. Used as an adulterant of Saussurea lappa.
Whole plant extract gave senecionine.
Senecio vulgaris Linn.

Habitat The Nilgiris and Uttar Pradesh. Introduced into Indian gardens
English Groundsel.
Action Formerly used as a diuretic, diaphoretic and emmenagogue, in dysmenorrhoea and bilious pains. No more recommended for internal use due to high concentration of
hepatotoxic alkaloids. Infusion is

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