Stellaria media (Linn.) Vill. Synonym Alsine media Linn.

Family Caryophyllaceae.

Habitat Throughout India at 600— 1,650 m.

English Common Chickweed.
Folk Kokoon (Jammu); Safed Fulki, Buchbuchaa (Delhi).
Action Antirheumatic, anti- inflammatory, astringent, refrigerant, demulcent, emollient, vulnerary, antiprunitic. Dispels excessive body heat, relieves irritation. Used internally for rheumatism, externally in the form of ointment for chronic skin conditions, varicose ulcers and abscesses. Applied as a plaster for broken bones and swellings.
The plant contains saponin glycosides, coumarins, flavonoids (including rutin), carboxylic acid. The leaves contain vitamin C and carotene.
The plant also contains mucilage and is rich in potassium and silicon. The aerial parts, in post-flowering period, contain 44 mg!100 g of vitamn E.
Stephania glabra Miens. Family Men ispermaceae.
Habitat Himalayas from Simla to Sikkim, Khasi Hills and Assam.
Ayurvedic Used as Paathaa
(Cissampelos pareira).
Folk Gidaangu (Garhwal), Paahraa (Dehradun).
Action Tubers—used in pulmonary diseases, asthma, intestinal, disorders and hyperglycaemia.
Alkaloid palmitine exhibits antibiotic activity; stephanine anti-cholinesterase, cycleanine anti-inflammatory

Sterculia urens Roxb. 625

and hyndarine sedative activity Tetrahydropalmatine produces sedative and anticonvulsant effects on animals (similar but weaker to that of chloropromazine). Alkaloids from rhizomes— hypotensive. Pronuciferine hydrochloride—spasmolytic. Root—hypoglycaemic, spasmolytic, CNS active, antimicrobial.
Stephania hernandiifolia Walp.
Synonym S.japonica Miers.
sotunda Hook. f. & Thorns.
Family Men ispermaceae.
Habitat Forests of the Western and Eastern Ghats.
Ayurvedic Used as Raaj-Paathaa in the South. (Raaj-Paathaa is also equated with Cyclea arnotii Miers in southern and eastern parts of India).

Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants

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