(related species). xanthones and xanthone-O-glucosi des also a pentacyclic triterpenehed Actio A substitute for S.
and Gentiana lutea L. eragenin. Aerial parts, in addition to
xanthones, contain ursolic acid.
The leaves and flowers contain xan thone—swartinin
triterpenes, oleanolic
acid and beta-sitosterol. Decussatin
Swietenia mahagoni Jacq.
is also present in the flowers and root.
Habitat Native to Central America;
Swertia Iawii Burkill. cultivated in South India.
Synonym S. corymbosa var. lawii English West Indian Mahogany.
C. B. Clarke. Siddha/Tamil Ciminukku.
Gentianaceae. Folk Mahaagani.
Habitat Western Ghats from
Action Bark—astringent and
Maharashtra to South Kanara at
antipyretic. Used as a substitute for
1,200 m. cinchona bark is the West Indies.
Ayurvedic Kiraatatikta (related The bark contains 15% tannin, the
species). wood 6%.
Action Used as a substitute for
The seeds have been reported to con Swerti
chirayita. tam a bitter substance; mahoganin, 7-
Whole plant gave a number of xan- deactyl-7-oxogedunin, cyclomahogethones. Erythrocentaurin has also nol and 6-hydroxymethyl angolensate been reported from the plant. are also present.

634 Symphorema involucratum Roxb.

Tetranortriterpenoids have been isolated from cotyledons and seeds. The ether extract of the leaves inhibits platelet activity factor (PAF)-induced platelet aggregation.
Symphorema involucratum

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