21,24 - hexacosadienoic acid ethylester have been isolated from the leaves.
Dosage Root𧈁0 g paste. (CCRAS.)
Trichodesma zeylanicum R. Br.
Habitat Peninsular India, crossing into West Bengal.
Ayurvedic Adah-pushpi (related species), Jhingi.

Trichosanthes bracteata (Lam.) Viogt. 671
Folk Hetenuriyaa, Jalasirasa. Trichosanthes anguina Linn. Jinghini (Maharashtra).
Family Cucurbitaceae.
Action Flower梥udorific, pectoral.
Leaves梔iuretic, emollient, demul-
Habitat Cultivated throughout
cent. Root梐pplied to wounds as India particularly in South India.
analgesic. English Snake-Gourd.
Seeds contain a toxic alkaloid supi-
Ayurvedic Dadhipushpi, Chichinda, Shvetaraaji, Ahiphala.
nine (1% dry seeds). Aqueous extracts
of stems, leaves and fruits is very toxic Siddha/Tamil Pudal.
to cockroaches. Folk Chichindaa, Chichendaa.
Action Root and seed梐ntibilious,
vermifuge, antidiarrhoeal. Fruits
Tricholepis angustifolia DC. improve appetite, cure biliousness.
Compositae; Asteraceae. Alpha-, beta-, gamma-carotenes,
Habitat Coastal regions of Kerala cryptoxanthin, lycopene, lutein, hentriacontane, ceryl alcohol, quercetin,
and Karnataka.
alpha-amyrin, taraxerone, oxalic acid,
Ayurvedic Brahmadandi (related surcose, and beta-sitosterol have been
species). isolated from the fruit. The seed
Folk Uuntakataaraa. gave kaempferol, its 3-0-glucoside and quercetin.
Action Diuretic, bechic. The plant gave cucurbita-5,24-
dienol, 24-ethylcholesta-7-enol, 24-
ethylcholesta-7, 22-dienol.
Tricholepis glaberrima DC.

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