Nadu); Pilamuruthu, Pillamurda
(Kerala). Kindal (trade).
Action Bark—diuretic, cardiotonic. Juice of the bark, mixed with purified butter and rock-salt, is applied in parotitis.
The heartwood gave 3,3’-O-di- methyleilagic acid and 3,4,3’-O-tri- methylfiavellagic acid. A triterpene

carboxylic acid, beta-sitosterol, a glycoside 3,3’ -di-O-methylellagic acid4-monoglucoside and 0-pentamethyl flavellagic acid have been isolated.
The bark contains 14% tannins, also beta-sitosterol.
Terminalia tomentosa W. & A. Synonym T. alata Heyne ex Roth. Family Combretaceae.
Habitat Common in the forests, especially in the humid regions of India, including the sub-Himalayan tracts of North-West provinces, Nepal and Sikkim; also southwards throughout the Peninsula.
English Laurel (trade).
(The Wealth of India.)
Ayurvedic Asana (Asana is equated with Bridelia montana Willd.) Bijaka (also equated with Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb.) (Asana and Bijaka are considered as synonyms in Indian medicine.) Jaranadrum, a substitute of Ashwakarna, and Kaushik are also doubtful synonyms.
Siddha/Tamil Karramarda. Folk Sarj, Saaj. Sam (Dehra Dun). Action Bark—astringent, antidiarrhoeal, styptic, antileucorrheal. Used for haemorrhagic diseases, skin diseases, erysipelas, leucoderma. The bark contain 18.7% tannin.
Beta-sitosterol, arjunic and arjunolic acids, arjunetin, betulinic and ellagic acids have been isolated from the bark.

656 Tetracera indica Merrill.

Hydrolysis of gum gave oligo-saccharides, disaccharides and monosaccharides. Leaves and fruits gave betasitosterol.
Laurel is native to Mediterranean region and is equated with
Laurus nobilis Linn. (Lauraceae.) The leaves and essential oil are stomachic, cholagogue, stimulant and diaphoretic. The oil has been used against dandruff, also as an external application for rheumatism.

Tetracera indica Merrill.
Synonym T assa DC. Family Dilleniaceae.

Habitat Assam.

Siddha/Tamil Anaittichal. (A related species T. laevis Vahl, is found in the forests of Kerala.)
Action Leaves—an infusion of shoots is given in pulmonary haemorrhages and is used as a gargle in aphthae.

Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants

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