The herb may counteract birth control pills. (Sharon M. Herr.)


710 Vitex leucoxylon Linn. f.

Vitex leucoxylon Linn. f. Family Verbenaceae.
Habitat Throughout Deccan
Ayurvedic Paaraavata-padi, Kaakajanghaa. (Kaakajanghaa is also equated with Leea aequata Linn.)
Action Roots—febrifuge, astringent.
Ethanolic extract and cold aqueous infusion of the leaf were found to suppress acetic acid-induced writhing in mice and carrageenan- induced hind paw oedema in rats. The flavonoids exhibited anti-inflammatory activity.
Vitex negundo Linn.
Family Verbenaceae.
Habitat Throughout India in the warmer zones; ascending to 900 m in the North-western Himalaya.
English Five-leaved Chaste tree.
Ayurvedic Nirgundi, Shephaa likaa Sindhuka, Sindhuvaara,
______ Suvahaa, Sugandhikaa. Nila, Nila V nirgundi, Shveta nirgundi (var.). White-flowered var. is known as Sinduvaara, blue-flowered as Nirgundi or Shephaali,
Unani Sambhaalu, Fanjankisht. Siddha/Tamil Nochi, Nalla Nochi,
Vellai Nochchi, Nirkundi.
Action Seeds—prescribed in
spermatorrhoea, and for promoting spermiogenesis (in Unani

medicine). Also given as a rejuvenating tonic for retarding old age and for retaining and promoting virility. (in Ayurvedic medicine). Leaf—anti-inflammatory, analgesic; removes foetid discharges and worms from ulcers. Flowers—astringent, febrifuge, antidiarrhoeic; prescribed in liver complaint. Oil— applied to sinus, scrofulous sores.
The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India recommends the leaf (also the root) in excessive vaginal discharges, oedema, skin diseases, pruritus, helminthiasis, rheumatism, and puerperal fever.
A water extract of the leaves, when administered to rats, exhibited anti- inflammatory, analgesic, antihistaminic and membrane stabilizing and antioxidant activities.
(I. Ethnopharmocot, 2003, (203), 199—206.) Methanolic extract of leaves showed remarkable antihistaminic activity.
The leaves contain iridoid glycosides, isomeric flavanones and flavonoids, besides casticin and the glucosides, luteolin-7-glucoside and alphaD—glucoside of a tetrahydroxy mono methoxy flavone.

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