Scallions or Spring Onion of Chinese medicine are equated with Allium fistulosum.
Onion bulbs contain a volatile oil with sulphurous constituents, including allylpropyldisulphide; sulphur- containing compounds, including allicin, aiim; flavonoids; phenolic acids and sterols.
Hypoglycaemic activity of the onion is attributed to the allylpropyldisulphide and allicin. Diphenylamine, isolated from mature bulbs, also exhibits potent antihyperglycaemic activity.
Aiim and ailicin have an inhibitory effect on platelet aggregation. Antibiotic activity is due mainly to au- cm.
Regular use of onion (50 g!day) reduces insulin requirement of a diabetic patient from 40 to 20 units a day.
Thiosulphinates, isolated from onion juice, exhibited antiasthmatic activity
in vivo.
Dosage Juice of bulb—lO—20 ml. (CCRAS.)


34 AIlium macleanii Baker.

Allium macleanii Baker.
Liliaceae, Alliaceae. Habitat Native to Afghanistan.
(A bulbous plant related to onion.)
English Oriental Royal Salep. Unani Baadshaahi Saalab. Action Anabolic and gastrointesti na


Allium porrum Linn.

Synonym A. ameloprasum Hook. f. non Linn.
     Family Liliaceae, Alliaceae.

Habitat Native to the Mediterranean region; cultivated in India.
English Leek.
Folk Vilaayati Piyaaz. Praan
(Kashmir). Seemevangayam (Tamil
Action Expectorant; used as a substitute for garlic.
Leek is poor in volatile oil content in comparison with garlic, but it contains sufficient amounts of non-toxic saponins, which perhaps give it expectorant properties.
The bulbs contain several thiosulphinates, and also potentially anticarcinogenic flavonoids, quercetin and kaempferol.

Allium sativum Linn.

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