Dosage Tuber𧈁O g powder. (CCRAS.)
Aloe barbadensis Mill.
Synonym A. vera Tourn. ex Linn.
A. indica Royle
A. littoralis Koening
牋牋 Family
Liliaceae; Agavaceae.
Habitat Cultivated throughout India, wild on coasts ofMaharashtra, Gujarat and South India.
English Curacao Aloe, Barbados Aloe, Indian Aloe, Jaffarabad Aloe.
Ayurvedic Kanyaasaara, Eleyaka (dried juice of the leaves). Kumaari, Kumaarikaa, Kanyaa, Grihkanyaa, Ghritkumaarika (plant).
Unani Gheekwaar, Sibr.
Siddha/Tamil Sotru Kattraazhai, Kumaari. Moosaambaram (dried juice).
Folk Elwaa, Musabbar (dried juice of leaves).
Action Purgative (causes griping), emmenagogue. Gel梩opically emollient, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial (used for wound healing, sunburn).
application In occasional constipation; contraindicated in intestinal obstruction and acutely inflamed intestinal diseases, ulcerative colitis, appendicitis. (German Commission E, ESCOP, WHO.)

The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of
recommends the use of dried juice of leaves in dysmenorrhoea and diseases of the liver.
Aloe vera improved the hypoglycaemic effect of glyburide (glibenclamide) when one tablespoonful aloe juice was given orally in the morning and at bedtime to 36 diabetic patients for 42 days. The juice (same dose) showed antihyperglycaemic activity (independently). (Francis Brinker.)
Anthraquinone glycosides, known as aloin, in small doses act as a tonic to the digestive system, and at higher doses become a strong purgative, as well as increase colonic secretions and peristaltic contractions. Resin fraction is also as important as aloin in cathartic action. mA.
barbadensis the highest percentage of aloin is 2L8%.
Aloe produces pelvic congestion and is used for uterine disorders, generally with Fe and carminatives. The pulp is used in menstrual suppressions.
A molecule in the Aloe vera gel, acemannan, stimulates macrophages and releases immune system potentiators; enhances function of T cells and in terferon production. Animal studies have shown promising results in sarcoma.
The carboxypeptidase and salicylate components of Aloe gel can inhibit bradykinin, a pain-producing

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