Habitat Found in the plains of Punjab.
English Tonkin bean, Melilot, King’s crown, King’s clover.
Unani Naakhunaa, Ikil-ul-Malik.
(It is also equated with
Desv. and Trigonela uncata
Boiss. in National Form ulary of
Unani Medicine.)
Action Nervine tonic (used in
nervous and catarrhal affections), antirheumatic, anti- inflammatory, emollient, diuretic, galactogenic.
The callus of the plant contains amino acids; roots contain saponins and sterols. The leaves yield 3-nitro- propionic acid.


72 Astragalus sarcocola Dymock.

Astragalus sarcocola Dymock.
     Family Fabaceae; Papilionaceae.
Habitat The mountainous regions from Asia Minor to Iraq and Iran.
English Sarcocola.
Ayurvedic Rudanti (substitute).
Unani Anzaroot, Kohal Kirmaani (Gum).
Action Gum—antirheumatic, aperient, anthelmintic, emollient.
Astragalus strobiliferus Royle.
     Family Fabaceae; Papilionaceae.
Habitat The western Himalayas at 2,400—3,900 m, and Kashmir.
English Indian Gum tragacanth.
Action Gum—an Indian substitute for tragacanth (A. gum mfer gum).

Atalantia monophylla
(L.) Correa.

Synonym A.floribunda Wt.

     Family Rutaceae.

Habitat Throughout India, especially in Assam, Meghalaya and Andaman Islands.
English Wild Lime.
Siddha/Tamil Kattu Narangam, Kattu Elumichai.

Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants

A Candle of Medicinal Herb’s Identification and Usage