herbs and foods. (Sharon M. Herr.)
The seeds contain proteins and prolamines (avenins); C-glycosyl flavones; avenacosides (spirostanol glycosides); fixed oil, vitamin E, starch.
Silicon dioxide (2%) occurs in the leaves and in the straw in soluble form as esters of siicic acid with polyphenols and monosaccharides and oligosaccharides.
Oat straw contains a high content of iron (39 mg/kg dry weight), manganese (8.5 mg) and zinc (19.2 mg).
In an experimental study, oat straw stimulated the release of luteinizing hormone from the adenohypophysis of rats.
(Expanded Commission E Monographs.)
An alcoholic extract of green oats was tried on opium addicts. Six chronic opium addicts gave up opium completely, two reduced their intake and two showed no change following regular use of 2 ml three times daily (human clinical study). A significant diminishment of the number of cigarettes used by habitual tobacco smokers resulted from using 1 ml (four times daily) of

fresh Avena alcoholic extract of mature plants; however, a few studies gave disappointing results. (Francis Brinker.)
Oat polyphenol composition prevented the increase of cholesterol and beta-lipoprotein of blood serum of fasting rabbits. Antioxidant property of the oat flour remains unaffected by heat. Homoeopathic tincture of seeds is used as a nervine tonic. Beta-glucan from the oats stimulated immune functions.
Avenacosides exhibit strong antifungal activity in vitro.
Averrhoa bilimbi Linn.
†††† Family
Oxalidaceae; Averrhoaceae.
Habitat Native to Malaysia;
cultivated throughout the country.
English Bilimbi, Tree Sorrel.
Ayurvedic Karmaranga (var.). Unani Belambu (a variety of
Siddha/Tamil Pilimbi, Pulichakkai.
Action A syrup made from the
fruits is used in febrile excitement, haemorrhages and internal haemorrhoids; also in diarrhoea, bilious colic and hepatitis. The fruit is used for scurvy. An infusion of flowers is given for cough.
Averrhoa carambola Linn.
†††† Family
Oxalidaceae; Averrhoaceae. Habitat Native to Malaysia;
cultivated throughout the warmer parts of India, especially in Kerala.

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