Family Betulaceae.

Habitat Temperate Himalaya from Kashmir to Bhutan.
English Himalayan Silver Birch, Indian Paper tree.
Ayurvedic Bhuurja, Bahulvalkala, Bahuputa, Lekhyapatraka, Charmi, Chitrapatra, Bhutahaa.


92 Bidens pilosa Linn.

Folk Bhojapatra.
B Siddha/Tamil Boorjapattram (leaves).
Action Resin—laxative. Leaves— diuretic; used in the form of infusion in gout, rheumatism, dropsy, and as a solvent of stones in the kidneys; used in skin affections, especially eczema. Bark—used in convulsions. Oil—astringent, antiseptic.
Key application (B. pendula) In irrigation therapy for bacterial
and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract and for kidney gravel; supportive therapy for rheumatic ailment.
(German Commission E, ESCOP.)
European Silver Birch is equated with Betula alba L., synonym B. pendula Roth. Astringent, diuretic, anti- inflammatory, bitter, cholagogue; contains salicylates. Used for kidney and bladder complaints, sluggish kidney functions, rheumatism and gout. Methyl salicylate is obtained by distillation of the twigs. In an Indian sp., B. acuminata, methyl salicylate (92.8%) has been reported in the essential oil of the bark. B. utilis is also a close relative of B. pendula.
Dosage Bark—3—5 g powder; decoction—50—100 ml (CCRAS.)
Bidens pilosa Linn.
Compositae; Asteraceae. Habitat Throughout India in
gardens, waste places and tea

Folk Phutium (Gujarat), Kuri (Garhwal).
Action Plant—cytotoxic. Leaf— applied to ulcers and swollen glands.
The plant contains a number ofpolyacetylenes which are toxic to bacteria, fungi and human fibroblast cells. Phenylheptatriyne is the major constituent of the leaves and stems.
B. pilosa Linn. var. minor (Blume) Sherff, synonym B. pilosa Linn. var. bipinnata Hook. f. in part, gave phytosterm-B, which like insulin, showed hypoglycaemic activity both in normal and diabetic rats. B. pilosa auct. non Linn., synonym B. chinensis Willd., is used for leprosy, fistulae, pustules, tumours.

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