Ayurvedic Bahuprajaa, Kaamboji (doubtful synonym).
Folk Kaali Kamboi (Gujarat).
Action Used as a galactagogue (as a supporting drug in herbal compound formulations). Spasmogenic.
Bridelia montana Wild.
Family Euphorbiaceae.
Habitat The sub-Himalayan tract from Kashmir eastwards to Assam, and in Bihar, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.

Ayurvedic Ekaviraa.

Siddha/Tamil Venge-maram.

Folk Gondni, Asaanaa (Maharashtra).
Action Bark and Root—astringent, anthelmintic. Used in the treatment of bone fracture.


102 Bridelia retusa (Linn.) Spreng.

The root contains 5.7% tannins.
The leaves contain beta-sitosterol,
B its beta-D-glucoside and a triterpe noid Fructose, glucose and sucrose
were identified as the components of
the glycoside.
Bridelia retusa (Linn.) Spreng.
Family Euphorbiaceae.
Habitat Throughout India up to an altitude of 1,000 m, except in very dry regions.
Ayurvedic Mahaaviraa, Asana
(Asana is equated with
Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb., the Indian Kino tree.)
Siddha/Tamil Mulluvengai.
Folk Gondani, Gondui, Khaajaa. Action Bark—astringent, used
in the form of a liniment in
rheumatism. Paste of the stem bark is applied to wounds.
The bark contains 16—40% tannin. Presence of a triterpene ketone in the bark is reported. The bark exhibited hypotensive properties in pharmacological trials. The extract of the bark significantly increased the mean survival time of mice infected intracerebrally with vaccinia virus. Ripe fruit pulp contains beta-sitosterol and gallic and ellagic acids.
Brucea sativa

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