Folk Karadu (Maharashtra).
Action Roots梔iuretic. Used for urinary discharges and dysmenorrhoea. Seeds梔eobstruent, resolvent, diuretic (used in strangury and sexual debility). Powdered plant is applied locally on infections of the genitals and on burns.
Key application Seed in dysuria and impotency.
(The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India.)
A benzoxazine glucoside, blepharin, has been isolated from seeds, and a saponin, which on hydrolysis gave lupeol.
Dosage Dried seed𦠮 g powder.
(API Vol. IV.)

94 Blepharis Iinariaefolia Pers.
Blepharis Iinariaefolia Pers. Ayurvedic Kukundara, Gangaapa tn. Synonym B. sindica T. Anders.
Unani Kakarondaa.
Family Acanthaceae.
Action Tranquilizer (used in
Habitat Punjab,
Haryana, Rajasthan excitement and insomnia), expec an Gujarat. torant, sudorific. Given in intestinal
Ayurvedic Ushtrakaandi, Utangan diseases, colic, diarrhoea. Essential
(var.). oil from leaves梙yp otensive.
Folk Utangana (Sindh). Asad. The plant is a source of Ngai or
Action Seeds, boiled in milk, are Blumea Camphor. Camphor occurs in
taken as an invigorating tonic. all parts of the plant, but is generallyex tracte from leaves. Ngai Camphor oil
Blepharis molluginfolia Pers., used consists almost entirely of l-borneol. It
for urinary discharges, is also equated is redistilled to obtain the refined cam-
with Utangana. phor for use in medicine.
The dried leaves contain sesquiter pen lactones. These lactones exhib i antitumour activity against Yoshida
Blepharispermum subsessile sacoma cells in tissue culture.
The plant exhibits moderate antibacFamily
Compositae; Asteraceae. terial activity against E. coli.
Habitat Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra,

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