Dosage Whole plant𦠮 g (API Vol. IV.)
Centipeda orbicularis Lour.
C. minima (Linn.) A.Br. &Asch.
Family Compositae; Asteraceae.
Habitat In damp places throughout the plains and low hills in India.
English Sneezewort.
Ayurvedic Kshavaka, Chhikkini, Chhikkikaa.
Folk Nak-chhikani.
Action Used for the treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis, nasopharyngeal tumors and obstructions, asthma and cold; also used in hemicrania.
The plant extract showed a good antitussive and expectorant activity on mice. The flavonoids, sesquiterpenes and amide exhibited significant antiallergy activity in passive cutaneous anaphylaxis (PCA) test.
Dosage Seed𥹓 g powder.

Centratherum anthelminticum
Synonym Vernonia anthelmintica Willd.
Family Asteraceae.
Habitat Throughout India up to 2,000 m in the Himalayas and Khasi Hills.
English Purple Flea-bane, Achenes.
Ayurvedic Aranya-Jiraka, Vanajiraka, Kaalijiri, Karjiri. Somaraaji (also equated with
Psoralea corylfolia Linn., Papilionaceae).
Unani Kamoon barn.
Siddha/Tamil Kaattu seerakam.
Action Anthelmintic (against earthworms and tapeworms), stomachic, diuretic; used in skin diseases.
Delta-7-avenasterol is the main active principle of seeds. Seed oil contains vernasterol. Seeds bitter principle is a demanolide lactone. Centratherin and germacranolide from the leaves and stem have been isolated. Leaves contain abscisic acid. EtOH extract of achenes exhibited good results in giardiasis. Various plant parts are used in syphilis. Clinical studies on vircarcika eczema validated the use of the drug in skin diseases.
The drug exhibited smooth muscle- relaxant and hypotensive activity in animals.

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