English Scammony.
Unani Saqmunia.
Action Resin from rhizomes—hydragogue, Cathartic, administered in dropsy and anascara.
Most of the resin available in India is imported from Syria and Asia Minor and is grossly adulterated.
The roots contain on an average 8% resin together with dihydroxy cinnamic acid, beta-methyl-esculetin, ipuranol, surcose, a reducing sugar and starch. The resin consists of the glycosides and methylpentosides of jalapinolic acid and its methyl ester.
Large doses cause acute gastro-intestinal irritation, and, if absorbed, produce cystitis and nephritis.

Coptis teeta Wall.

Family Ran unculaceae.

Habitat Mishmi Hills in Arunachal Pradesh. Cultivated commercially in China.
Ayurvedic Mamira, Maamiraa, Tiktamuulaa. (Pita-muulikaa and Hem-tantu are provisional synonyms.)
Unani Maamisaa, Maamiraa. Folk Titaa (Bengal and Assam). Action Stomachic, antiperiodic,
antibacterial, antifungal. Prescribed

Corchorus aestuans Linn. 171

in debility, convalescence, intermittent fevers, dyspepsia, dysentery and intestinal catarrh. Used as a local application in thrush.
The rhizomes contains berberine (9%) as the major alkaloid; other alkaloids present are: coptin (0.08%), coptisin 0.02%) and jatrorrhizine (0.01%). Samples from China contained 9.26— 12.23% berberine, 2.39—3.25% coptisin and 3.20—4.46% jatrorrhizine. In China, the herb is used as an antidiabetic; the ethanolic (50%) extract exhibited hypoglycaemic and hypotensive activity.
The drug due to berberine and its related alkaloids promoted reticuloendothelium to increased phagocytosis of leucocytes in dog blood
in vitro and in vivo.
Coptis chinensis
(Huang Lian) inhibited erythrocyte haemolysis, decreased lipid peroxidation in brain and kidney, decreased generation of super- oxide peroxidation and decreased hydroxyl radicals in rats. (Lf Sci, 2000, 66(8), 725—735.)
Dosage Root—1—3 g powder. (CCRAS.)
Corallocarpus epigaeus
Benth. ex Hook. f.
Habitat Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Peninsular India.

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