The plant contains lupeol, betaamyrin 2-hydroxy, 4-methoxy benzaldehyde, and ferulic acid.
Delima scandens Burkill.
Synonym Tetracera scandens Merrill.
Family Dilleniaceae.
Habitat Forests of Bengal, Assam and the Andamans.
Ayurvedic Paaniya Valli.
Action A decoction of the plant is given in dysentery and coughs.
Leaves—used for the treatment of boils. Root—astringent, used as external application for burns.
Delonix regia Rafin.
Poinciana regai Bojer ex Hook.
Family Caesalpiniaceae.
Habitat Native to Madagascar;
grown in gardens and avenues for
ornamental purposes and for shade.


206 Delphinium brunonianum Royle.

English Flamboyant Flame tree, Gold Mohur.
Ayurvedic Gulmohar (var.) White
Gold Mohur is equated with
D elata Gamble, synonym Poinciana
Siddha Vadanarayana, Perungondrai, Mayarum. White
Gulmohar. (Tamil)
Action Bark—antiperiodic, febrifuge. Plant—antirheumatic, spasmogenic. Flowers (aqueous and alcoholic extract)—active against roundworm.
White Gulmohar trunk-bark yielded asparagine and aspartic acid. Flowers gave iso-quercetin.
Delonix regia bark gave leucocyanidin; bark and leaves contain tannin, lupeol and beta-sitosterol, and free OHproline as major amino acid. Flower anthers are a rich source of zeaxanthin.

Delphinium brunonianum

Family Ranunculaceae.

Habitat Native to China; distributed in West Himalayas.

Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants

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