Zedoary, dried rhizomes, contains a number of terpenoids, including curcumene, curcumenone, curdione, curcumenol. Curzerenone, furanogermenone, germacrone, germacrone epoxide; a volatile oil (1.0—1.5%) resembling ginger oil, and starch (50%).
Zedoary is thought to stimulate bile production (due to sesquiterpene ketones) and gall bladder emptying (due to cucuminoid constituents).
The sesquiterpenes, germacrone, germacrone epoxide, curzerenone and curcumenol showed CNS depressant properties. Curzerenone also showed a potent protective effect against induced lesions in rats. Both curzerenone and curcumenol showed a moderate analgesic action.
The terpenoid furanogermenone exhibits antiallergic activity. (Powdered zedoary, mixed with fructose, is used as an antiallergant in Japan.)

Siddha/Tamil Kichhilikkizhangu.

Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (Linn.) Taub. 189

Curcumenol and curdione are shown to possess tumour-inhibiting property. The rhizome is used in China for extradural haematomas and certain types of tumours. It has been reported in China that zedoary reduced cervical cancer and increased the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
The volatile oil of zedoary exhibits antimicrobial and antifungal activity. The antifungal constituent of the oil has been reported as methyl-p-methoxycinnamate.
Dosage Dried rhizome—1—3 g powder. (API Vol. IV.)
Cuscuta epithymum Linn.
Habitat A parasitic climber,
occuring in Europe, Asia, South
English Lesser Doddar, Hellweed, Devil’s Guts.
Ayurvedic Aakaashvalli, Amarvaili, Amarvela.
Unani Aftimoon.
Folk Sitammapogunalu (Telugu).
Action Hepatic, laxative, carminative.
The parasitic plant accumulates alkaloids from the host plant. It contains flavonoids, including kaempferol and quercetin, hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives. Cuscutalin (1%) and cuscutin (0.02%) are main active principles of the plant. Seeds contain amarvelin, resins, oil (3%) and reducing sug Use

in urinary, spleen and liver disorders.

Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants

A Candle of Medicinal Herb’s Identification and Usage