jaundice and cutaneous affections. Habitat Temperate regions of
Pounded fonds are used as poultice America, Europe, Asia, near damp
for swellings. Peeled rhizome with and shady terrains.
sugar is prescribed for urinary
disorders and in spermatorrhoea. English Male Fern, Aspidium.
Unani Sarakhs, Sarakhs Muzakkar.
Aqueous extracts possess antibacte ria
Siddha/Tamil Iruvi.
Action Taenifuge, vermifuge
(normally used in conjunction with
Dryobalanops camphora a saline purgative, not used with
Colebr. castor oil.) Also, deobstruent, abor tifacient.Externall for rheumatism,
D. aromatica Gaertn. f. sciatica and neuralgia. No more
Dipterocarpaceae. in use as an anthelmintic as better
alternatives are available.
Habitat From Borneo to Sumatra
islands. Rhizomes and fonds contain fflicin
English Borneo or Barus Camphor. (2%), a mixture of dimeric, trimer i and tetrameric butanone chloroglu Ayurvedi Bhimseni Kapoor. cosides, that kifis tapeworms. Exces Fol Baraas Kapoor. sive dose of filicin may cause intestinal

Durio zibethinus Linn. 227

cramps and blindness, also liver damage.
Related Himalayan species include:
D. odontolorna (Kashmir valley), D. marginata, D. barbigera (Kashmir to Sikkim), D. schimperiana (Mussoorie) and D. blanfordii (Chattri, Chamba).The ferns gave filicin 2.3, 2.1, 2.1, 4.4 and 3.5%, respectively.
Drypetes roxburghii
(Wall.) Hurusawa.
Synonym Putranjiva roxburghii Wall.
Family Euphorbiaceae.
Habitat Wild and cultivated throughout tropical India.
Ayurvedic Putraj ivaka, Sutajva, Putrakamanj an.

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